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Hi, I’ve recently added several new articles to my list. Enjoy!

Nature is a Nice Place to Save but I Wouldn’t Want to Live There: Environmental Education and the Ecotourist Gaze.” Environmental Education Research, special issue on “Environmental Education in the Neoliberal Climate.” DOI: 10.1080/13504622.2014.993930.

Orchestrating Consent: Post-politics and Intensification of NatureTM Inc. at the 2012 World Conservation Congress.” Conservation and Society 12(3): 329-342.

Barbarian Hordes: The Overpopulation Scapegoat in International Development Discourse.” (First author with Jan Breitling and Valerie Puleo) Third World Quarterly 35(7): 79-99, special section on “Psychoanalysis and Development.”


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