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Well, I’ve actually started blogging for real now – just not on my own site!  To make up for that, here are links to some recent posts elsewhere. I’ll follow with a real post on this site soon!

Decoupling: A Dangerous Fantasy



Latest articles

Hi, I’ve recently added several new articles to my list. Enjoy!

Nature is a Nice Place to Save but I Wouldn’t Want to Live There: Environmental Education and the Ecotourist Gaze.” Environmental Education Research, special issue on “Environmental Education in the Neoliberal Climate.” DOI: 10.1080/13504622.2014.993930.

Orchestrating Consent: Post-politics and Intensification of NatureTM Inc. at the 2012 World Conservation Congress.” Conservation and Society 12(3): 329-342.

Barbarian Hordes: The Overpopulation Scapegoat in International Development Discourse.” (First author with Jan Breitling and Valerie Puleo) Third World Quarterly 35(7): 79-99, special section on “Psychoanalysis and Development.”

New Articles

Three new articles/chapters available now:

Bodies Do Matter: The Peculiar Persistence of Neoliberalism in Environmental Governance.” Human Geography 6(1):29-45.

Contradictions in Tourism: The Promise and Pitfalls of Ecotourism as a Manifold Capitalist Fix.” (First author with Katja Neves) Environment and Society: Advances in Research 3(1):60-77.

Making ‘Peace with Nature’: Costa Rica’s Campaign for Climate Neutrality.” In From Laggards to Leaders: Climate Change Governance in the Developing World, C. Roger, D. Held, and E. Nag, eds. London: Polity Press.

New Publications

I’d like to announce two recent articles posted on my Publications page and available through the following links. Please contact me directly for details.

Using the Master’s Tools? Neoliberal Conservation and the Evasion of Inequality.” Development and Change 43(1):295-317.

Market Mechanism or Subsidy in Disguise? Governing Payment for Environmental Services in Costa Rica.” (First author with Jan Breitling). Geoforum 43:402-411.